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MAY 20TH, 2011

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rock 2

Rock 2
Geoffrey Pugen
Pigment Print
20" x 30"
Estimated price is $800

A graduate of OCAD and an MFA graduate in Film & Video at York University, Geoffrey
specializes in photography & video, and shows internationally. With theatrical absurdity, he
explores the relationship between the real & the perceived, the natural & the virtual, man &
animal; all through altering and manipulating media. Insightful, yet humourous, Geoffrey asks
us to question what we think we know, society’s perceptions of us, and our preconceived notion
of self, through fictitious constructs.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

...there, they held hands together, and the illumination...

...there, they held hands together, and the illumination...
Myung-Sun Kim
8.5" x 11"
Estimated Price $150

Myung-Sun Kim is a Korean-born, Toronto-based artist, primarily working in the field of sculpture and installation. Her work playfully explores everyday objects and spaces, dealing with issues of aesthetics, functionality, nomadism, mobility, intervention, and architecture. She has completed BFA in Sculpture / Installation at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2005, and MFA in Visual Arts Program at York University in 2009.

O Rose, thou art sick!

O Rose, thou art sick!
Brett Despotovich
Oil on Mylar
8.5" x 11"
Estimated price $500

(Bio coming soon)


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Untitled (Golden Blue)

Tara Downs
Untitles (Golden Blue)
24" x 30"
Approximate Value: $300

Tara Downs and lives and works in Toronto. Receiving her B.A. from Queens University she is completing her studies in Sculpture Installation at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Using composing, print, and installation she creates hallucinatory glimpses into the inner workings of digital abstraction. Subsequently she has received the Faculty Sculpture Award (2008) and the Woman Association of Canada Scholarship (2009). Recent group exhibitions include, Barmecidal Projects, Butcher Gallery, and Candles in the Mind Game, Frankfurt.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Mirror as the Blue Abyss

Elise Victoria Louise Windsor

Mirror as the Blue Abyss
Ink jet print
Estimated Market Value: $300

Elise Victoria Louise Windsor is an emerging visual artist working in Toronto, Ontario. She recently graduated from OCAD University’s BFA program, focusing in photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Her work focuses on the use of illusions created by fantasy, mystery and the duplication of reality. She has recently been the recipient of various awards and participated in art exhibitions across Toronto. Upcoming shows include Proof 18 at Gallery 44 and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Last Words of John Amador

Lisa Neighbour

Last Words of John Amador
14" X 33" 
Digital print.

Lisa Neighbour was born in Montreal, Quebec and now lives and works in Toronto. She exhibits with Persona Volare, (a collective of Toronto-based installation and media artists) and is presently a member of the faculty of the Art and Art History Program, a joint program between Sheridan College and U of T. She is represented by Katharine Mulherin Art projects.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Untitled (Tower II)

Jordan Charles Bowden

Untitled (Tower II)
Mixed mediums on plywood
Estimated Market Value: $300
Jordan is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. Originally from rural New Brunswick, he has been living and working in Toronto since the summer of 2001. Receiving a BFA in Photography Studies (2005) from Ryerson University, and a BDES in Graphic Design (2010) from OCAD, Bowden is an academic who believes in research.
Jordan has been in group shows at 52 McCaul, XPACE, IMA Gallery (formerly Ryerson Gallery), and the Saint John MAC. While at OCAD, Jordan founded "Cadmium", a newspaper published by the student union which continues into it's third volume this fall. 

Marble Samples

Jennifer Sciarrino

Marble Samples
Gypsum cement, watercolour pigment, and graphite.
10x3x1cm, 5x5x1cm
Estimated Market Value: $150.00

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino (born in Toronto, 1983) works in photography, sculpture and installation engaging forms in the natural environment, sculptural surface and mimicry. Currently based in Toronto, Sciarrino received her BFA at Ryerson University in 2006. She has exhibited her work in a number of group shows in Toronto including at Red Bull 381 Projects (2009), Narwhal Art Projects (2010), and The Power Plant (2011), and recently had her first solo exhibition at Le Gallery, Toronto (2010).

MOTEL, Special Edition Set

Alison S. M. Kobayashi & Gintas Tirilis

MOTEL, Special Edition Set
Mixed Mdia, Contents, MOTEL on DVD (videos produced for MOTEL exhibition) + No Vacancy Talk Show, Motel on Tape, Parakeet Training Record CD, MOTEL Slide Viewer, Stamp poster, Party Hat T-shirt, Keychain and Postcard set of 4. 
Various Dimensions
Estimated Martket Value: $200 

Artists' bios will be posted soon.
Geoffry Pugen
Image, bio and related information will be made available soon. 

Derrick HodgsonImage, bio and related information will be made available soon.

Brett Despotovich

Image, bio and related information will be made available soon.

Tara Downs 

Image, bio and related information will be made available soon.


Amanda Nedham

Digital ink jet print

 22 x 30"
Estimated Market Value:$200

Amanda Nedham is an artist currently living in Toronto. Her primary focus is graphite drawing.  Primarily concerned with the various taxonomic functions of history, Nedham’s works on paper exhibit a technical proficiency and enamoured exploration of natural history’s complex and overlapping structures. Graduating with the medal from printmaking at OCAD University, since then she has had work shown in NY, New York, and London, England. Her two most recent solo shows have been with LE Gallery in Toronto, Tapping the Admiral and like milk & bloodShe is represented by LE Gallery.

*note, the work featured here may be different than the piece in the auction

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Untitled," detail from installation: Leona Drive Project: "de-surfacing"

"Untitled," detail from installation: Leona Drive Project: "de-surfacing"
Artist: Thomas Blanchard
Medium: Chromira Print on Dibond
Dimensions: 12" x 12"

Thomas Blanchard is a photo-based artist living in Toronto. His artwork addresses the hidden nature of commodities found within our domestic lives. His most recent projects involve the dichotomy between the psychological comfort of the modern home and the often toxic realities found within those intimate spaces that often go unnoticed. Although the motivation behind his art originates from his interest in the relationship between the political economy and how it affects our health and the environment, he is equally interested in how aesthetics of art can serve as a portal to an experience beyond conscious thought.

Star and Cloud

Star and Cloud
Artist: Tomas Del Balso
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 12" x 6"


Artist: Emily Gove
Medium: Giclee Print
Dimensions: 4" x 6"

Emily Gove is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in photography and video. She graduated from the Art & Art History program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan college in 2005 and complete her MFA at York University in 2009.  Her work deals with awkwardness nostalgia and failure. She has participated in exhibitions at Gallery TPW, Board of Directors and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Centre, among others. 

Get this thing off of me!

Get this thing off of me!
Artist: Cameron Lee
Medium: Assemblage: readymade porcelain figurine, plastic zip-ties
Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 4

There is a sense of anonymity to the work I currently make. I am interested in artwork that suggests a self-composition, or perhaps a collaborative dialogue between found objects and artist. The use of readymade objects is a canon of Modernist art (Duchamp). This history acts as a launch-pad for further exploration. Serendipity and playful experimentation alter an otherwise academic approach. With the inclusion of aspects from film, globalization, popular and consumer culture, multiple readings and entry points are available to the audience. My work is a series of distinct characters embodying a familiar, yet strange world.

Chocolate (from Neapolitan Dream)

Chocolate (from Neapolitan Dreams)
Artist: Bevan Ramsay
Medium: Polyurethane, Paint, Lacquer 
Dimensions: Variable

Bevan Ramsay is a native of Montreal sharing his time between that city and New Haven, Connecticut. After a college education in fine arts he pursued formal training as a cabinetmaker, building a furniture design firm with two partners that served private and commercial clients both in Canada and internationally. In 2006 Bevan received a BA in philosophy and intellectual history from McGill University and went on to receive an MFA from Concordia University in 2011. Bevan is represented by Galerie Art Mûr. Resent exhibitions include Neapolitan Dream, Jersey Girls and Memento Mori.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Artist Information

Pierre Durette 

Mix Parade 9
pencil and acrylic on paper mounted on wood
Estimated Market Value: $500.00

Originally from Causapscal, he lives and works in Montreal since 2002. In 2006, he completed his degree in visual arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal. During his studies, he won in 2005 the competition of Projet insertion organized by Atelier Graff in Montreal and in 2004 he was awarded the Grand Prix Albert-Dumouchel. After his studies, Durette has received many awards and grants amongst which in 2007 the excellency grant Marcel Bellerive as well as an excellency grant from the Festival international de Montréal en Art. In 2009 a research and creation grant by the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec. His works have been exhibited at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, at The Power Plant in Toronto and in many art centers in province of Quebec. In Toronto, his workis exhibit at Le gallery. He is represented by Galerie Lacerte in Quebec city and Montréal.

Adrian Forrow

Strange Fruit 
Ink & acrylic gouache

Estimated Market Value: $250.00

Artists' bio will be posted soon

Melissa Fisher

Secret Stack Attack (element of lately I feel both beginning and the end)
Sculpture; glass vase, melamine, plates, pvc pipe,
pudding moulds, sparkly paper, mdf
Estimated Market Value: $250.00

Melissa Fisher is a Toronto based maker. A graduate from OCAD University with a BFA in Sculpture/Installation. She has spent the past few years developing a practice that relies heavily on the spaces she has the opportunity to make in and doing so intuitively. Recent projects have included Afterthought in Paradise (Not Your Father’s Contemporary), lately I sleep more than I am awake (Fine & Dandy Window Gallery), and lately I feel both the beginning and the end (Magic Pony Window).

Abby McGuane

Estimated Market Value: $400.00 

Abby McGuane is an emerging artist and recent graduate of OCAD’s Sculpture and Installation program. Her practice negotiates a preoccupation with tactility and materiality with issues of identity and authenticity, manifested through forms that are often as bleakly humorous as they are moodily expressive. In recent collages, she creates layered abstractions of representational images, enabling a disintegration of illusionistic space and a simultaneous exacerbation and depletion of expressionistic content. McGuane lives and works in Toronto. 

David M Bender

Chariot for a Gloved Figure
Graphite on Paper
Estimated Market Value: $800.00

Artists' bio will be posted soon

Lisa Visser

The way we describe goodness
Bookwork: Set of 12 volumes. Edition of 40
Estimated Market Value: $140

Lisa Visser graduated from Queen's University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), focusing on sculpture and printmaking, and is currently in the Interdisciplinary Master's of Art, Media and Design (MA ‘ 11) at OCAD University. Visser’s practice is performative, drawing influence and inspiration from art and craft to produce video, photographs, bookworks and more.

Stacey Sproule   

They Never Had a Moment to Flee Alive
wool felt, paper, basswood, wire, cotton fabric, pine and light
Estimated Market Value: $550.00

Stacey Sproule is a performance and installation artist. Her work
often involves the use of knitting, embroidery, and other tactile
textile techniques. She holds a BFA in drawing and painting from OCAD
and has exhibited locally and regionally for over five years. Her
installations have been exhibited at Wynick Tuck Gallery, Xpace, and
Gallery 1313 in Toronto; Awkward Gallery in Barrie; and Forest City
Gallery in London. In 2007, Stacey Sproule and Diane Borsato
collaborated on a piece for FADO. Stacey also collaborates frequently
with Randy Gagne including performances at 7a*11d International 
Festival of Performance Art and Peterborough’s Artsweek Festival.

Zev Farber

Digital C-Print
Estimated Market Value: $400.00

Artists' bio will be posted soon.

Brandon Dalmer

two mixed media installations in vials 
Estimated Market Value: $400.00

Brandon A. Dalmer was born in Edmonton, AB. Living there until attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary where he received a BFA in Painting. Brandon has exhibited in various spaces such as the Xpace, Stride Gallery and Latitude 53; he has also been involved in organizations such as the New Gallery, The Whitehouse and M:ST. as well as being of the founders of the 809 Gallery in Calgary. Currently he resides in Toronto where he lives and works. He mainly spends his time playing video games and watching old cartoons.

Natasha Baily 

Dear Envelope (Edition 4/10)
ink on acid free envelope
21.2x16.5 cm
Estimated Market Value:  $80.00

Natasha Bailey is originally from Toronto, Canada. She received an MFA in Media at Slade School of Fine Art in London England.  She is currently based in Toronto Canada and London UK. Bailey works primarily in performance but also explores ideas through mixed media. Through her performances she strives to brake down the boundary between the performer and the audience while revealing the dynamics of relationships. Her mixed media work also explores her relationships with everyday things.  At the core of her work she challenges the symptoms she suffers from as a result of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Although the subject of PTSD can be viewed as very serious, Bailey aims to explore her symptoms in a humorous and light-hearted way.

Carolyn E Tripp 

pen and ink on paper
Estimated Market Value: $300.00

Carolyn Tripp is an artist and writer living in Toronto. Writing and reviews have been published with Magenta Magazine, Spacing, C Magazine, and Mondo Magazine. Her visual work has been exhibited with Xpace, Site-specific projects The House that Masons Built and As Is, The Gladstone Hotel (upArt), and the Vini Vidi O curated video series. Recently, her video work was screened at the One Minute Film and Video Festival at the Toronto Underground Cinema.

Alicia Nauta

Estimated Market Value: $100.00

Artists' bio will be posted soon.
Xenia Benivolski

Teeth 8/12
painting: volcanic ash from
Eyjafjallajokul, paper
Estimated Market Value: $300.00


Xenia Benivolski is an artist and curator based in Toronto, Canada. She had studied visual art in Israel, Toronto, Canada and Florence Italy. She is the founder and director of the Whitehouse Studio (2008), and a member of the Board of Directors of Mercer Union Artist Run Centre.
As a multi platform artist, Xenia often engages materials and processes of sentimental value, working with tools of uncommon sensations, comfort, tradition, noise and repetition. In her artwork, she often addresses feelings and fears of decay.

Jennifer Long 

Untitled, 1998, edition 1/20
chromogenic prints
Estimated Market Value: $700.00

Jennifer Long is an artist, curator, arts administrator, and educator holding a BAA from Ryerson University and a MFA from York University.  For the last fourteen years, her artistic practice has explored issues of doubt, vulnerability, perceived ideals, and communication within the context of interpersonal relationships.  This lens-based work uses constructed narratives to describe the emotions and quiet moments of everyday life. Jennifer’s artwork has been exhibited in over thirty shows nationally and internationally and has received funding from the Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, and The Canada Council for The Arts.  Jennifer is represented by Leo Kamen Gallery (Ontario) and Galerie Poller (Germany).

Kate McQuillen

Disasters in Space 1.1: Deep Space Network
Estimated Market Value: $400.00

Kate McQuillen is a Chicago-based artist working in print, photography and installation. In the past two years, she attended residencies in the U.S. and abroad: Ox-Bow (Michigan), Open Studio (Toronto), Frans Masereel Center (Belgium) and the Center for Book & Paper Arts (Chicago). She has exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, Boston, and Chicago, and is represented in Canada by O’Born Contemporary. Her current work examines makeshift weaponry, and the destructive power inherent in seemingly mundane objects.

Brad Tinmouth
Untitled (white 8)
acrylic, ink, oil stick & tape on glass in artist's frame
30" x 24.5"

Estimated Market Value: $400.00

Brad Tinmouth is an artist working and living in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of York University's Film and Video Production BFA program with honors. With a passion for video art, born from a love of editing and simplistic production techniques Tinmouth creates new media works for the screen, installation and the internet. Recently exploring new avenues in more traditional pursuits like painting and sculpture Tinmouth blends the hyper contemporary web 2.0 world into his real life creations. Applying a new media work ethic to traditional formats. He has exhibited in Nuit Blanche, The Images Festival and at various galleries throughout Toronto, the States and Mexico. He is currently acting as the co-founder and co-director of Butcher Gallery and the Distribution Assistant at Vtape.

Mathew Williamson

Free Weezy - Elven
Variable sizes
Estimated Market Value: $50.00

Artists’ bio will be posted shortly

Georgia Dickie

Lazy Baster (Mullet Fish)
mixed media
Estimated Market Value: $100.00
Sculptor, Georgia Dickie, was born in Toronto, Canada in 1989. She currently lives and works in Toronto. She is a person of few words.

Myung-Sun Kim

mixed media
Estimated Market Value: $600.00

Myung-Sun Kim is a Korean-born, Toronto-based artist, primarily
working in the field of sculpture and installation. Her work playfully
explores everyday objects and spaces, dealing with issues of
aesthetics, functionality, nomadism, mobility, intervention, and
architecture. She has completed BFA in Sculpture/ Installation at the
Ontario College of Art & Design in 2005, and MFA in Visual Arts
Program at York University in 2009. She has received several awards
and scholarships, including Dr.Eugene A. Poggetto Award, MST Bronze
Sculpture Award, Sculpture Installation Faculty Award, and Graduate
Entrance Scholarship to York University Graduate Program in Visual
Arts.  She has exhibited and presented her work in Ontario, Nova
Scotia, and North Carolina. In June 2010, she has completed an artist
residency at Summer Institute: Postcommodity, Plug In Institute of
Contemporary Art in Winnipeg. Currently, Myung-Sun Kim is a part of
KS3, a four member collaborative that brings architecture, new media,
sculpture, graphics, and painting methodologies to the investigation
of interactivity, movement, visual gravity, parametric structures, and
domestic engineering.